Camping King is a custom-made passion project established early 2016 by Bruno Papadakis Leblanc.

Camping King was established through passion, necessity and camping comfort. Bruno has had an excitement for camping and the outdoors his entire life. He has spent hours in the outdoors hiking through Algonquin Park and the Gasp├ęsie Park to name a few. In his many years of experience Bruno has been met with many challenges, whether it be days of rainfall, holes in shoes, or being stuck in a mud-pit, literally. Throughout all of these challenges, he persevered and continued to make changes and adapt to his surroundings, always wanting to make the experience more enjoyable and more comfortable. In this time he discovered that sleeping in a tent on the ground was extremely uncomfortable, causing back aches, poor sleep and discomfort. In an effort to make his camping experiences better Bruno took action. He discovered early on that camping and sleeping in a hammock was the best way to go. But finding cheap and light-weight materials appropriate for long hauls was no easy task. Thus, Camping King was born.

Bruno knew he needed to find comfortable, breathable and light weight gear if he was going to continue his journeys in comfort. After hours of research Bruno discovered there were no Canadian companies offering quality hammocks, teepees, tarps or camping gear.

Bruno continues to discover new places and challenges by pushing himself whether it be canoe camping or hiking and traversing mountains, at any opportunity he can. These days he is accompanied by his German Shepard mix, Butters, who also loves camping, hiking and cuddling up in the hammocks with him.

Since then Camping King has been providing clients with light weight, breathable, high-end, quality camping gear. All hammocks are custom made to order. That means you can pick your colour of materials, threads, and any add-ons you need to suit your specific needs.